What is Our REAL PURPOSE in Life?

Freedom & Purpose

You can be free to live out your true purpose in life.

Recently, it was noted in a conversation with someone that many people today have no real purpose in life. Many are just living each day trying to survive. They are aimlessly going about their business with no real goal in life. When asked about their purpose, they simply state that they are just trying to get through the day. One of the leading catalysts of suicide today is the lack of purpose. People feel frustrated, depressed, and alone when they have no purpose. Many often ask, “Why am I here and does anyone even really care?” On the flip side, studies indicate that the people who have a real purpose in their life live longer and healthier.

I contend, based on Scripture, that many are lost and without purpose, because they are missing a key relationship in their life. Every person born into this world is born without a personal relationship with their Creator. If you read the early chapters of Genesis, it is quite clear that God in creating man created him with the purpose of fellowship with God. Genesis describes God as coming down and communing with man in the Garden. However, man ruined that relationship with sin. Since then, every man and woman born is missing that key relationship. I contend that many are searching for that relationship and just do not realize what is missing,
If you are reading this and have yet to affirm your personal relationship with God, then you have a spiritual problem. You are lost. You are without purpose. There is nothing that can fill the void that is missing in your life. Drugs will not fill it. Alcohol will not fill it. Sex will not fill it. Not even riches or fleshly relationships can fill the void that is missing. You see God is the only One Who can solve your spiritual problem.
The Bible describes the person who has no personal relationship with God as…
• Hopelessly separated from Him (read Romans 6:23a)
• Spiritually dead in their own sin (read Romans 3:23)
• Openly hostile to Him (read Romans 5:10a)
• Blinded by His enemy, Satan (read 2 Corinthians 4:3-4)
• Powerless in overcoming sin’s hold on their life (read Ecclesiastes 7:20)
• Completely unable to understand the things of God (read Proverbs 14:12)
• Unable to please Him or even walk in His ways (read Psalm 143:2b)
• And, incapable of living a spiritually fruitful and meaningful life. (read John 15:4-6)
Is this you? Are you living life without any real purpose? Do you feel the hopelessness of life? The great news is all that can change. You see if you will simply turn your heart and life to God, He can completely change your life. Establishing and affirming a relationship with Him will give you a real purpose.
We, at Calvary Baptist Church, would love to help you gain real purpose. For that reason, we would love to sit down with you and explain from God’s Word how to gain once again a true relationship with God. Our desire here at Calvary Baptist Church in Bedford, Virginia is to help you. Each week we preach and teach encouraging messages from Scripture that will help you grow spiritually. Our motto is to help each person know and make known the Christ of Calvary. If you would like further help, please notify us through email at calvarybaptistbedford.org or by phone at 540.586.3434 Additionally, we invite you to join us for a Sunday Worship service each Sunday at 11:00 a.m.