The Final Word on Commitment

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Let Your Yes Be YesChrist now brings us to the topic of COMMITMENT. He is giving us the final word on commitment. We know that God DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES. In fact, everything that God says and does is with a purpose and is purposefully ordered. Thus, Christ moves from adultery is a sin to divorce is wrong and now to oaths/covenants are serious business. I must think then as I study this that Christ still has in mind the marriage vow.

You see each marriage is a sacred commitment before God and to each other. The day that a husband and a wife say “I do” is the day they make a sacred oath to God. Family and friends attend. As they attend, they become witnesses to one of the most important vows a person can make. Unfortunately, that vow is very little meaning today. People get married just for the thrill of the ceremony. They say the vows, but in the deep recesses of their mind, they know that society has made it easy for them to break that vow. This goes back to the message on divorce. Remember divorce was happening in Christ’s day for all kinds of frivolous reasons. So, it is today as well. But, as we are going to see this morning, any vow, and may I add especially the vow of holy matrimony, that a person makes to God is an extremely serious matter with God.
Let’s see what Christ said about making oaths or covenants to Him.
He reaffirms what was already stated in the Law.

Again, ye have heard that it hath been said by them of old time, Thou shalt not forswear thyself, but shalt perform unto the Lord thine oaths: Matthew 5:33

We find five key passages in the Law of Moses related to God’s commandment concerning oaths. Exodus 20:7 which says…

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