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dANGER! Anger is Dangerous – Part 2

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Danger_Anger is DangerousdANGER! Anger is Dangerous

Danger! Anger is dangerous. This is the second part of a two-part message on anger. 

Anger is a dangerous emotion that many of us often experience. How many of you have heard the phrase “He’s so mad he can’t see straight?” How many of you (without a show of hands) can relate and have been there before? 

In our continuing study of Christ’s great message, the Sermon the Mount, we find Christ dealing with interpersonal relationships. We know that Christ later when confronted by the young lawyer laid out the entirety of the law with two simple statements. THE FIRST is Love the Lord thy God with all the heart, soul, and mind. It is the first commandment covering the first 10 commandments God gave to Moses. THE SECOND is Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself which covers the rest of the commandments. Scripture teaches us that there are two basic relationships. A VERTICAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD which is the most important relationship. THERE IS ALSO A HORIZONTAL RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHER PEOPLE. Always, in Scripture, the vertical relationship comes first then the other. We must be right with God before we can be right with others.

Christ in this great sermon has dealt with the vertical. He has explained what it means to be a true follower or disciple of His. You find this in the Beatitudes. Then, He gives instruction concerning our purpose in life. We are to be Salt and Light to the world. Now, He begins to teach us about living life with others and how to handle some important emotions. The top of the list is ANGER. You see anger is danger! Anger is an emotion given to us by God. Anger does not necessarily need to be sinful. Often, we see in the Bible that God was angry with the children of Israel and others. Christ Himself demonstrated anger when He saw the moneychangers in the Temple. In each case, God’s anger was never sinful but was directed towards sinful things.