Finding True Happiness – Part 2

Happiness is found in God's Word

Finding True Happiness

So many people as seeking true happiness. Yet, it seems to be very hard to find for most. However, God’s Word tells us that we can find true happiness. Finding true happiness begins with an understanding of our relationship with God, the Creator of the Universe.

In Psalm 1, God tells us…

But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. Psalms 1:2

God is talking about the “blessed” person. The word “blessed” literally means “happiness.” Thus, God is talking about people who are truly happy.

The person who hangs with sinful people doing sinful things is not going to be happy. Verse one is very clear in that matter. Instead, a happy or blessed person is one who “delights” in the LORD’s law.

The Hebrew word “delight” means “pleasure.” Happy people are people who take great pleasure in knowing, reading, and studying God’s law. We know that God’s Word contains God’s Law. Therefore, any person who delights or takes pleasure in God’s Word will be a happy person. There are many things that people take great pleasure in these days. Many find pleasure striving to live a life of leisure. For them, leisure is a pleasure. Some find pleasure in materials goods and/or accumulation of wealth. Yet, others seek pleasure in the number of friends that can have or find.

Unfortunately, all these pleasures are temporary. They are only pleasurable for a short time. In the end, most people who delight in such things wake up one day realizing that you are not truly happy. The things of this world and this life cannot provide the happiness that only God can provide. Which brings us back to the Psalm 1:2. Happy people find pleasure in God’s Word. Consequently, they pursue God’s Word.

Note that this verse tells us that happy people delight in God’s law constantly. God says they “meditate day and night.” Again, going back to the Hebrew, we find a different understanding of the word “meditate” than today’s definition. We think of meditating as to ponder, to think about, to muse upon. Immediately in our minds we envision sitting in a room on the floor with our legs crossed and our Bibles in our laps just thinking about God’s Word with our eyes closed.

Yet, that is not the meaning of the Hebrew word for “meditate” found in this verse. Instead, we find that it means to moan, to growl, to utter, or to speak. You see happy people are people who delight in God’s Word so much that they are continually speaking it day and night. We are to speak it to ourselves, to God and to others. In the morning, we are to utter its profound wisdom. During the day, we are chattering its words of encouragement to everyone we meet. And, at night before our heads hit the pillow, we are to once again read it and speak it assuring us that God is God and He is in complete control.

If you are seeking true happiness, may we suggest that you look for it in God’s Word? Find a Bible, open it, and begin speaking it so that you hear it as well as others. We would love to help you. In fact, we love speaking the Word of God at Calvary Baptist Church. And, we would love to help you make sure of your relationship with God. Contact us and let us know how we can help you. Our email address is calvarybaptistbedford@outlook.com and our telephone number is 540.486.3434. It is our desire to help you know Christ and make Him known around the world.