How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Parenting


Parenting is never easy. It can be one of the most difficult, if not, the most difficult jobs in the world. Every parent dreams of raising the perfect child. We hold them in our arms as babies.  We have visions of them growing up talented and  successful. Yet it doesn’t take long before those dreams and visions crash around us. We soon realize that our job is much more than we bargained. Immediately, we begin looking for encouragement and advice on how to parent. And, guess what? There is a wealth of information available today on the subject of parenting. Unfortunately, ninety-nine percent of it is worthless, especially for Christian parents.

Counting Our Riches! – Part 1


My wife and I were missionaries for nine years. As missionaries, we spent a considerable amount of time on the road travelling from church to church raising support. One of the many roads we travelled was Interstate 95 that runs up and down the East Coast. Of course, when driving south on I-95, we would inevitably end up behind folks driving big RVs heading for Florida. We would see many different kinds of signs or vanity license plates attached to the back of these RVs. However, one the best was one that said “I’m spending my kid’s inheritance.” I couldn’t help but imagine the scene a few years down the road when the children of that particular couple is sitting in the lawyer’s office about to hear their will read to them. As they eagerly awaited to know what they are going to receive as part of their inheritance,the lawyer pulls out the will and… Read more…